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Anne Speijer Beeldende Kunst

Since my childhood I've been drawing and painting. On my own, aswell as in in several private courses and artclasses in the Netherlands and the US. The past couple of years my paintings were shown in restaurants, hospitals, sportclubs and in galeries. I also make art on assignment: in the size, style and colours you would prefer. You can order a painting as special gift for an occasion or just to match your office. Last but not least I love illustrating book covers and making unique postcards.

My paintings are very diverse in style and subject. There's just a few similarities: most of them are huilt up with several thick layers of acrylic paint. The paint is coated by a light shiny gloss. The broad edges are always painted, so that you wouldn't need to frame it.
If you're looking for anything special, please contact me. I would love to work with you!