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Art By Karina Thomas

Karina Thomas, a Danish contemporary artist, born in Copenhagen 1970. She lives and works in a small village outside Copenhagen in the beauty of nature. Self-taught painter inspired by a lots of modern contemporary artists such as the English artist Andrew Salgado and the South African Artist Lionel Smit.
She is best known for her contemporary portraiture, her use of strong colors and exhibition of intense feelings and emotions. She began painting in 2009, when she followed her daughter to art class, and then got inspired to take up the brushes herself. She has since then developed her expression through intensive drawing and painting studies. Her universe refers often the sensuality in man. In the individual as well as in the relationship. The human body and its language. It is up to the viewer to explore the symbolism.
Her preferred media is large acrylics or oil paintings on canvas. But in the dark hours of winter she often turns to drawing or water color works on paper at night. She paints intuitively and often without a prior plan or intention. Colors, mood, motif - spontaneity and intuition. Strong colors and contrasts. Once the process starts the painting’s own will and soul occurs. The time does no longer exist.
The intention is not to paint exactly nor to explain why. It is about finding the mood inherent in the subject. To be touched by the feelings that arise.
Karina Thomas is by now exhibiting all over Denmark. She has been exhibiting in different galleries in the northern Jutland, and is currently present at Gallery Visual Attack in Copenhagen and at local art fairs.

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