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Art Gallery Wim Streep

I work in an expressive style. I like to paint like I am drawing. Directly on the canvas. A Dutch Fine Art Jury describes my work as ‘a lust for the eye and has something to do with Jean Dubuffet’. I start with acryl painting and I am finishing with oil-painting. I work with new media as well. My personal preferences? Old masters like Frans Hals, the younger ones like Vincent van Gogh and the expressionists in general.

Growing up in Amsterdam resulted recently in my renewed vision and focus on painting with Amsterdam as subject. After the Arnhem Academy of the Visual Arts (HKA) painting, video and photography, which I graduated in 1984, I worked as ICT professional. Over the years I have developed my own style, influenced and processing all kinds of styles of modern painting. Regularly I walk in Amsterdam, where I take snapshots. These notes I see as the basic material. The impressions I edit with the computer and set as a new picture together, which serves as the basis for my painting. The end result is a reflection of several years work. It applies to me as a tribute to my beloved Amsterdam. I studied at the HKA, High School for the Visual Arts, and graduated in 1984, Drawing, Painting, Photography and Video. Later on I studied two years at HKA for art education and design.