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Frank le Pair

"Walking by lines'
Frank le Pair

My work consists of an apparent randomness of lines
which find their meaning in a larger whole.
The interplay of all the lines is formed to a own
text signature, a way a writer forms letters to words
and sentences.

When I paint I make walks on canvas, where I am
guided by thoughts it personalizes. In wich
it seems a structure of human encounters, which the
game of interaction, movement and impulses of behavior
can be seen.

The lines fix an inner rhythm and express thoughts and
feelings that arise at that time.
The searching in abstraction can lead to a figurative image.

Each work is a unicum in which that line, shape, color, relief
and contrast are in balance.
Exploring the relationship of form and line and the tension
between them ensures my work constantly changes of show
and appearance.

Frank le Pair (1965) - artist

Working as a visualiser of illuminated signs I have a graphic background.
In 2004 I started painting. It was longer on my program but it was there
never got, in one way or another.
At the end of 2003, one discovered with me a rare form of cancer, making
my life expectancy very uncertain.
It were the weeks before the birth of our oldest daughter Evi. Painting was
a cherished dream but became suddenly priority because I thus was able
to create something that could bridge the time to my daughter.
Time was a fragile understanding for me, by painting I felt a kind of
freedom that gave me energy.

Now many years later, I realize that my paintings have unconsciously have to
do with my illness period and you can see the patterns as a kind of positive
life paths.
From the first moment the line patterns have been typical in my work.
It symbolizes a series of encounters, feelings, thoughts and experiences
expressed in line, form and color.
With the "Walking by lines' paintings I would like to give everybody a positive
feeling of confidence and energy.

Our family is complete with the birth of Juliëtte in 2006