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Isabelle Pelletane

Born in October 1969 in Paris region, Isabelle lives and works in Poitiers, France.
She pursues her artistic research under a sensitive, abstract and meaning angle, inspired by the natural notion.
The last works appear, as freshly strewed with spatters, with tasks - petals in the lively, superimposed, decomposed colors, the impression of sensational flowers, which spring on paintings, such a flight of poetry, a hymn in the enjoyment.
Isabelle works the pictorial material on the ground, with assured, dynamic, spontaneous gestures (action painting). Everything is in the act to paint, the physical investment is total, as a continuation of herself, in search of a certain balance.
The painting became the fertile compost of its celestial gardens, cheerfully colored.

We could find her paintings in privates collections in France, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Europe and United States.