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Joanne Zegers

Joanne went to the Breitner Academy in Amsterdam and got her degree in art teaching in 1993. After many years of teaching, lecturing and organizing workshops she knows how to talk about art, and she stil loves it!
Her paintings are black and white impressions of the landscape with a keen eye for the light.

She says about her work:
"We feel connected to and emotional about nature, but l realize that nature gives only the comfort of indifference. If we live or die it doesn’t matter: the space will be there and it will rain all the same. The light will come and go. 

I especially like the going of light: the golden hour when everything has a glow of familiarity. Then I sense that detached feeling of an unspoken, longing memory. Nature knows nothing of this, even if we feel it does. This is what I want to capture. We as individuals have no importance in this. We are just a footnote in the space and time. "