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Monique van Steen

These beauties have deeper grounds, it's not only the skin that counts. (This is pretty important to me!)

While studying fine arts in my native country, Holland, I was offered an Erasmus Grand to go and study abroad at another University of Fine Arts within Europe. I elected the University of Valencia and soon found out that I had more in common with the philosophy of life and preferences of the spanish people and art-students then with my colleagues back home.

The change of geographic place of living and working is clearly recognizable in my work,
especially the mediterranean light has made a great change on my color-palette.
I graduated in the Fine Arts in 1999 but around the year 2005/2006 my need for color and direct expression became more and more urgent.

So there the switch was made from making ceramic sculptures (that was my mayor at the “Hogeschool voor de kunsten en design ´s-Hertogenbosch”) and chinese ink drawings on paper to painting on canvas. The influence of these chinese ink drawings is still visible through the drippings I apply in my paintings.

Before, my investigation was more about direct expression of emotions, nowadays as a painter I am investigating the boundaries of plain color-fields, held together by roughly dripped painting as contours and the intuition of the eye of the beholder to formulate the content of the artwork,
whether this is a portrait or human figure.