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The themes of my works are directly influenced by everything that surrounds me. However the most important source of my inspiration is always the human being with his peculiar nature, his feelings and sensations. My researches don’t aim to reconstruct reality neither to describe it but they regard painting as a study of emotions and sensual experiences; a sort of secret diary that gathers all the complexities and differences of human emotions. The painting process is slow and dilated and is the result of memories and layered emotions. Those ones emerge into consciousness and are placed on the canvas suggesting atmospheres and imagined places.On my works I use a very complex technique, by using gold leaf, silver and copper. I use every possible recycled material such as wood, metal, plastic, gauze and all that is considered by the modern society as dead and unwrapped, which instead is regarded as a noble object bearing a story worthy of being told. I'm an artist and a designer who imagines unique paintings that are able to satisfy the search for exclusivity.

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