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Tami's reflection paintings

Hello and welcome to my shop.

A big joy for me is to start with a blank canvas and give it life, and another wonderful moment is when someone receives his personal painting.
The concept of ‘reflective painting’ came from two wonderful paths that I have been following. One is my natural inclination towards the field of healing. I have studied Theta healing, Reiki and Biorgonomy and all these have opened a gate to a wonderful spiritual dimension.
At the same time, I was developing in my artistic journey. From black and white drawings in the past I became more attracted to the world of color, and one might say it revealed itself to me with all its power and glory. This colorful creative process comes from my heart, it is an expression of my internal world and being in the moment.

The concept of Reflection Paintings brings together these two paths of art and of healing and allows me to create personal paintings for you or your loved ones, through me, with love.

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