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Time crows

100 x 100 x 3 CM

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Hugues Paint Time crows

In Irish mythology, crows are associated with war and battlefields The Vikings used a lot the image of the raven. They put the symbol on their sails. Ragnar Lodbrok had a banner called "Reafan" embroidered with the image of a raven. According to legend, if the banner fluttered in the wind, Lodbrok would win, but if the flag hung motionless, the battle would be lost. Raven has an overall negative image to the Christianity, making it an infidel bird his masters, selfish, and impure as scavenger. In the bestiary, its black color makes it the symbol of death, and it is the sign of cataclysms - particularly in Flemish and Italian paintings, in the 15th century In comics it's a chess game played by two crows, in the First World War I, decides who will win the battle of the day in The Shadow of the Raven (Prepublished 1976-1977, 1981) Didier Comès The word "raven" can refer to an anonymous informer in French. This understanding comes from the movie The Raven (1943) Henri-Georges Clouzot, in which a mysterious individual sends to different people slanderous letters signed "The Raven", sowing distrust and confusion in a small provincial town. Canvas 2015 referring to war. jihadists who with their outfits look like crows