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The Ultimate Colour Block Paintings Collection | Original & Affordable Art

Are you creating an interior with colour blocks? Then a painting cannot be missed! Find here our colour block collection to complement and finish your interior.

ColourBlock Paintings

You may wonder - what is a colour block? The term colour block originates from fashion. In the fashion word, a colour block refers to an item that brings a lot of contrast, usually a bright colour. For example, you are wearing a blue dress and carry a bright yellow bag. That is a colour block.

Usually the colour block item has 1 specific colour that is in stark contrast with the other parts of the outfit, or in our case in your interior.


Why ColourBlock Paintings work well in your home

It does not matter how big or small your wall is, or what colour it has. A colour block is supposed create an effect of happiness or even shock. So, do you have a white wall? Then any colour may work! If you have a blue wall, a yellow painting may work great.


ColourBlock paintings at accessART

Because we think these kind of paintings are great, we made a selection for you! All these paintings have a good size and a strong dominant colour. If you cannot find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us!