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Scandinavian Interior Art | The Ultimate Art Collection for a Scandinavian Interior

The art in this collection would complement a Scandinavian interior to the fullest! Slick lines, soft colours, modern furniture. But no empty walls please!

Scandinavian Interiors Art

Sustainable products that are made to last, while looking beautiful. Typical for the Scandinavian Interior trends, and even more for the art made in this genre! Read on to find out more about artworks that fit completely with a Scandinavian interior.

A Bit of Background on Scandinavian Interiors & Art

Scandinavian interiors are awesome! But it's not always easy to find the right piece of art of this type of home. So let's first think about how this trend emerged before looking how to bring it into action. 

As it's in the name, we have to thank our Nordic friends for bringing this interior trend to the rest of the world. Since the emergence of the style in the 1930's and the international expansion in the 1950's, the Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish have won our hearts with their design inspired by nature. They have brought us a style with neutral colours, simplicity and functional furniture. 

The style got increasingly popular through trade shows, and started expanding rapidly throughout Europa and the United States. After a bit of a dip, this interior trend totally picked up again and is now a favourite for many redecorating their homes.

The Characteristics of a Scandinavian Interior

Every interior trend has it's own features and characteristics. Three main thing that you will find in every Scandinavian interior:

Neutral Colours

If you think about Scandinavian interiors, you may quickly think about black and white. But it's not just that - gray, light blue, pastel colours, wood colours. It all fits in a Scandinavian look! As long as it's relaxed and quiet, it will totally fit in this interior.


Scandinavian countries have long days in summer and short days in winter. So they try to make the most of the natural light flowing in the home, and amplify this with the light colours of the floor, walls and furniture.

Natural Elements

Naturally, you'd think about wood to be a main ingredient to Scandinavian interiors. And deservedly so! You will find lots of nature inspired furniture and colours in this type of interior. Also the art 

Why you need Art in your Scandinavian Interior

Because of the functional intention and the simplicity in the design, there is the danger of making your Scandinavian interior a bit boring or colourless. That's why we at accessART think that art can really bring your interior alive.

Of course, the art can be similar to the rest of the interior. In our collection we have great water colour items and black and white paintings. But you can also think about a solid splash of colour to really change the whole vibe of the room. In this Scandinavian interior art collection we have collected both artworks that would fit in because of their simplicity or quiet colours, and some artworks of which we think they can really enhance the look and feel of the whole room.

Buying Scandinavian Art at accessART

All artworks displayed in this category include information on prize, size and shipping details. By buying through accessART, you buy directly from the artist. The artist will receive your order and ship the artwork securely to your door. You can also easily find out more about the background stories of our artists and their art in the artist's profile section.

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