1 General
1.1 What is accessART?

accessART is an online platform for affordable art. We offer a stage to world’s coolest individual artist that create original and affordable artworks and make them available to anyone, anywhere!

We support these artists in a way that they can represent themselves online in a beautiful way, that they reach new international markets and a new audience and that they can give their artistic career a commercial boost. At the same time, we help people that are looking for a unique, but affordable painting to find a great artwork!


1.2 Who are the people behind accessART?

The founding team of accessART consists of a team of three people: Sabrina, Ralf and David. Read more about their background on the About us page.


1.3 How is accessART different than other platforms out there?

Great! The question we are working on every day!

  • We are unique in our focus on affordable art under €2500. There is nothing worse than falling in love with an artwork and then seeing that it’s completely out of your league.
  • We choose focus. Focus on original, affordable art that you can hang on the wall. This means paintings or drawings and sometimes a digitally created artwork. So no (mass) prints, sculptures, photography or other forms of art.
  • We help individual artists to find a market. At accessART we only support selling art directly from the artist. So no galleries, art dealers or other selling parties can offer their art here.
  • We are one of few truly global art platforms out there. Artists and customers from anywhere are welcome, supported by our multi-lingual platform.


1.4 What does affordable art mean to accessART?

Affordable art means art under €2500. However, we have a very large range of works under €1000. We want to make affordable art from all over the world accessible to people that want something original on the wall that won’t break the bank.


1.5 What does original art mean to accessART?

Original to us means that an artwork is 1) one of a kind and there iso only 1 available or 2) a limited edition digital artwork). 95% of artworks on accessART have only one piece available. Sometimes we allow digital artworks because we think they are really cool, but always in limited edition (less than 50 available).


1.6 I know an artist that should definitely join accessART. What should I do?

Great!! Any artist can sign up at accessART HERE. We then review their portfolio to see if they are a match with our collection! If they are a match, they can start their online shop straight away!


1.7 How can I reach you?

We are everywhere :-) Easiest is email via info@accessart.nl or via the chat. Otherwise WhatsApp of phone via +31625081318 or via social media.

2 For Buyers
2.1 Searching: Can you help me find an artwork?

Of course! You can contact us via the chat functionality to help you out. Otherwise you can send us a picture of your empty wall via Whats’app +31625081318 and we’ll give you some examples pasted on your wall!


2.2 Searching: Does the artwork come framed?

Artworks do not come framed, unless specified in the description. The reason for this is that makes shipping even more expensive and the artwork becomes more fragile. Most artworks are made on canvas and the sides are painted along, so there is no need for framing. Artworks made on paper do need framing. If you need help finding a framing company, feel free to reach out to info@accessart.nl and we can assist.


2.3 Searching: Are the colours exactly like on the pictures?

The artists try their best to upload pictures that are as close to reality as possible. However, these days with so many laptops, smartphones and tablets that have so different screens, differences in brightness, different resolutions etc, it may happen that colours are slightly different. If you’re really in doubt, try checking the pictures on different devices, or contact us to get in touch with the artists if you have questions.


2.4 Searching: Do you also have an offline gallery?

accessART is an online marketplace for affordable art. We do not have an offline gallery, but you can find us on several art fairs and occasionally we organise a pop-up gallery or other exhibition. Like us on Facebook or subscribe for the newsletter to keep stay updated!


2.5 Searching: What kind of artists are represented on accessART?

At accessART we represent individual artists from all over the world. We are a curated platform, which means that we hand-pick only the best artists to give you a high quality collection to choose from. It does not matter whether artists are young, old, experienced or new to the game, if they have great affordable, original artworks you can find them here!


2.6 Buying: Why should I buy via accessART, and not at the artist directly

The artists that are participating in accessART trust us to represent them. Often, artists prefer to create art and don’t bother with marketing, payments, communications etc.

We are here to support artists in creating a livelihood. Artists pay a 15% commission upon sale.

We offer artists a global platform, new customers, take care of customer payments, (international) invoicing, customer service and any complaints. Also, for you as a customer, you can order within a couple of clicks instead of emailing up and down. In addition, your payment is safe with accessART because the artists does not receive payment until the artwork has arrived safely at its destination.


2.7 Buying: What are your payment methods

When you have found your painting and it’s time to pay, you will see that you can choose between many different payment methods like Ideal (Netherlands), Sofort (Belgium), Paypal, Creditcard and even Bitcoin :-). Let us know if you have trouble paying and we can help you out.


2.8 Buying: Is the painting price incl VAT?

Yes, all prices on the website are including VAT. If you are buying as a company and want to deduct the VAT, please note that not all paintings have VAT depending on whether the artist is a company or not and from which country they are. If you want to have more information on this, please write to info@accessart.nl and we can help you out.


2.9 Buying: Is the painting price including customs and import taxes?

Depending on the origin and destination of the painting, customs charges and import taxes may apply. For example, importing from outside of the EU to inside of the EU may incur some charges. These costs will always be the responsibility of the buyers as they will be different in every single case. If you’re in doubt, feel free to shout us an e-mail at info@accessart.nl and we can help you figure it out.


2.10 Buying: I live close to the artist, can I also go see the artwork or pick it up?

Yes of course, just write us on the chat or send an email to info@accessart.nl and we will connect you with the artist. All prices on the website are including shipping fees - If you decide to pick up the painting, the artist will most likely drop the price a bit.


2.11 Shipping: Who will ship my artwork?

At accessART you buy directly from the artist. This also means that the artist will send the artwork directly to you. The artwork does not go via accessART. Within 2 or 3 working days after your purchase, the artist will mail the artwork and will update you about the track and trace number. The artist may contact you directly to discuss insurance or other matters about shipment. You can always contact accessART as well if you have questions.


2.12 Shipping: Will my artwork be packed safely?

The artist will do everything he or she can to make sure the artwork arrives safely. Usually, the artwork is packed in several layers of cardboards. If the artwork is very large or fragile, sometimes a wooden frame is used.


2.13 Shipping: Will my artwork be shipped stretched or rolled up?

Many artists decide to ship their artworks rolled up in a solid tube. This saves both the artists and buyer a lot of money and protects the artwork really well. The artwork will then have to be stretched locally at cost of the buyer. As an example, in the Netherlands stretching a canvas costs between €75 and €100.

Some artworks, due to their texture or weight cannot be rolled up and are shipped stretched. This should be specified clearly in the description of the painting. If you have any doubts, please let us know via info@accessart.nl


2.14 Shipping: What if my artwork arrives damaged?

In the unlikely event that your artwork arrives damaged, we will work together with the buyer and the artist to find a solution. Sometimes an artwork can be repaired locally. If not, the artwork can be returned at cost of accessART. If the artwork was sent with insurance, usually the delivering company will be liable.


2.15 Shipping: How long does it take before my artwork arrives?

This depends on the location of the painting and the destination. Within Europe, the artwork usually arrives within 7 days. Outside of Europe and if the artwork crosses other borders, it may take up to 2 weeks due to customs clearance.


2.16 Shipping: Is shipping included in the price for all countries?

In principle: yes. However, our main markets are currently in Europe and the USA. The shipping prices are adjusted accordingly. If you live in a highly exotic place that is hard to reach by mail, please contact us first and we can check if the shipping costs are still realistic to your place.

This may seem difficult, but we had cases in which the shipping was more expensive than the artwork itself. We always try to find the most cost-effective solution for both artists and buyers.


2.17 Returns: How does the accessART return policy work?

Artworks are very expensive to ship, and therefore also to return. If you order an artwork, and you really don’t like it, you have the right to return it within 14 days. Please inform us via info@accessart.nl and the artist of the return. You will have to send it back yourself, but we will cover the costs.

This policy does not cover ordering multiple artworks, taking your pick and then sending back the rest. This would bankrupt us straight away :-) If you have doubts which artwork is best for you, feel free to contact us!


2.18 Returns: Will I get all my money back if I return a piece?

The costs you will get back: the amount you paid to accessART (which includes the artwork and shipping costs) and the return costs. Possible import taxes that you incurred are for your own account.


3 For Artists
3.1 accessART: If I sign-up, what does accessART expect from me?

Well, we expect you to be the best, most loyal and best selling artist of all ;) (just kidding!).

Apart from that, we only ask that

  • you put effort in representing yourself online in a proper way and that you put effort in uploading your works the best way you can
  • you keep your store updated at all times such that our customers won't be dissapointed if a painting is already sold or temporarily not available
  • that you refer us to your colleague artists and fans if you like us! :-)
  • We don’t require, but we hope you will put a link on your website to your accessART page to grow our online presence too!


3.2 accessART: How does accessART help sell my work?

We help individual artists sell their art in different ways

  • You get to run your own online shop on the accessART website
  • We make your art be found by buyers from all over the world. Your artworks can be bought with a couple of clicks.
  • We promote you through our social media channels
  • On a regular basis we also organise offline events such as pop-up galleries or participation in art fairs. We invite different artists to participate every time.


3.3 Signing up: I want to sign up as an artist but I don't have a website or Facebook. What should I do?

We are a curated platform. This means we don't allow all artists to join the platform to offer the buyers a certain atmosphere, quality and security.

To assess whether you are a match with accessART or not, we need to check your portfolio first. If you don't have a website or facebook with your portfolio on it, please send us an email at info@accessart.nl with some pictures + sizes + prices of your work.


3.4 Signing up: I'm from " Country X" , can I still sign up?

Artists from all countries can sell their art through accessART. However, please keep in mind that you have to ship your art yourself and therefore need access to reliable shipping services. Also, you need to have PayPal or a bank account to receive payment from us.


3.5 Signing up: I got declined! Why?

Thanks for your interest in accessART! At the moment we are a highly curated platform allowing only artists that we think fit our target audience best. At this time, unfortunately your art does not fit one of our categories. But we will keep your contact details on file in case this changes in the future! 


3.6 Paintings & Profile: In what language do you like me to describe my profile and my work?

accessART is a global platform. Therefore, English is a mandatory language for both the title and description of the artwork, and your biography. In addition, our main focus is on the Dutch market at the moment. To help Dutch customers find your artwork, we highly recommend getting a Dutch translation for your artworks. If you are unable to do this, please let us know and we may be able to assist.


3.7 Paintings & Profile : How to price my art and how much it would cost to ship my work through mail?

We ask you to fill a price for your artwork and a global shipping fee. This is important because buyers want price transparency and be able to order with several clicks.

We wrote a blog on how to price your artwork, this may help you.

With regards to the shipping, you need to take several things into account:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Packaging

If you know this, go to websites like our partner www.parcelparcel.nl , your local shipping company or companies like DHL, UPS etc. You can take an average of several countries like the Netherlands, United States and Australia to come to a global shipping fee.


3.8 Paintings and profile: The prices for my artworks are on request. Why do I need to fill the price?

In short: If you want to sell art online, it should available within a couple of clicks. If buyers have to send you an email requesting the price, this is often a step too far. Also, when a price is not available, it often seems too expensive to start with anyway. Think about high-end jewellery or clothing stores that don’t show the price :-)


3.9 Paintings and profile: My artwork doesn’t have a title, why do I need to fill one

We are here to help people find what they are looking for. People searching for paintings often search based on keywords. If you add the most important topic, colour to the title of your artwork, your artwork may show up to more relevant buyers.


3.10 Marketing: How and when I can be featured on accessART social media accounts?

When your profile is completed and you have uploaded all your artworks, then you have the chance to become featured on our accounts. Make sure you have high quality pictures of your artworks and preferably from different angles. Better portfolios with better pictures have more chance to be featured!


3.11 Marketing: What can I do to help market accessART?

That's very nice of you! :-) Some examples of what you can do:

  • Add a link to your accessART page from your own website
  • Like us on all social media accounts
  • Like and share the posts on social media accounts
  • Refer colleague artists to us


3.12 Selling: Can I sell my artwork framed?

Yes you can. Just upload pictures of your artwork with a frame and make sure it's included in the price. Make sure your customers understand what they are buying.


3.13 Selling: What happens when I sell my work?

First of all, we pop a bottle of champaign :)

Then, you will receive an email from accessART informing that your work has been sold. This email contains the shipping and contact details of the buyer. We trust you in shipping the work to the buyer within 3 days after we have informed you about the sale. If for any reason you are not able to do this, please contact the buyer (and us). After the buyer has received the work, accessART will pay the artist the amount minus the sales commission. accessART will send you and the buyer an invoice.


3.14 Selling: Can I sell my artwork outside of accessART as well?

Of course! We believe we are here to support artists selling their work. Therefore we are happy for any artist selling their work in any way they can. But keep in mind that selling your work through the accessART platform is one of the easiest and safest ways possible. The only thing we ask from you, is that you keep your store updated at all times such that accessART customers will not disappointed if their piece is sold-out.


3.15 Selling: What do artsts pay for the accessART services?

We charge a 15% commission upon sale.

At accessART, the artist is in charge. We do not charge anything up untill the point a painting is sold. When a painting is sold, we charge a commission. We aim to keep this commission as low as possible, assuming that the artists will digitize, upload, describe and ship your paintings yourself. We do offer extra services that are to assist the artist in these processes, such that artists can devote as much time as possible to actually creating art. These services will always be competitively priced and of high quality. We do not ask for upfront fees, advertisement fees, nor do we favour artists over others the search function in exchange for any form of payment.


3.16 Selling: I have my own webshop. Why should my work also be available on accessART?

Having your own personal website or webshop is great, and you can certainly stick to it.
Building and keeping your website up to date can be fun, but also takes a lot of time. With accessART you have your own shop up and running in a matter of hours (if not minutes!). We maintain the website and the software so you can run your own shop (for free!)
Also, if people do not know your name, it's very hard to be found online amongst all the other artists. accessART can help you being found by potential buyers that would otherwise never find you. We optimize our site, and therefore your shop and works, for all search engines like google.
Also, accessART provides international payment functions on the platform, making it safe & easy for any artist to sell their work online to consumers from anywhere in the world.


3.17 Payment: When will I receive my payment after a sale?

You will receive a notification of the sale and will ship the painting to the customer. When the customer has received the painting, you will receive your payment within 2 working days.


3.18 Payment: How can I receive my payment?

We send money through bank (EU) or paypal (EU: international). You indicate in your profile how you would like to receive your details.


3.19 Payment: What happens with my taxes?

There are two invoices with VAT involved.

  1. First of all, we will send an invoice to the buyer (with you in the copy), charging VAT on your behalf. This is based on the information you have given us in the vendor profile.
  2. Secondly, we send you an invoice where we charge the commission for our services, plus VAT. With these documents, you should be able to do your own tax declarations (if you're a legal entity).

You will always stay responsible for your taxes - we just provide the invoices with the correct tax rates based on the information you provided.


3.20 Other: Do you also organize expositions?

We sometimes organize offline events to generate exposure for accessART. We always invite artists that live close to the event or that we think are relevant for the audience. Feel free to let us know if you're interested in events.

We do not invite / pay for / sponsor artists from abroad to come over for expositions at this time.


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