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The Ultimate Street Art Collection at accessART

Do you love the vibrant,  attention grabbing statement of Street Art but not sure how to own your own? Check out our Street Art Paintings Collection!

Do you love the vibrant, attention grabbing statement of Street Art but not sure how to own your own piece of art? Or are you already a devotee of this exciting and bold style looking for new pieces?

Well you've found the right place to help you bring Street Art into your own home - welcome to accessART's Ultimate Street Art Collection where you will find innovative artists producing great work at affordable prices.

Some Street Art History

Whilst you know that Street Art grabs your attention, do you know its origins? Considered the first examples were the graffiti used by American gangs in the 1920s and '30s. However it was really in the '70s and '80s that the subversive nature of street art really became prominent. Often used for socio-political comment during turbulent times the genre eventually became recognised as an art form in it's own right.

Today the medium includes stencils and murals as well as graffiti. Despite becoming more mainstream, street artists continue to use the medium for political comment and subversive messages. Often found in areas of a city with diverse cultural influences, derelict spaces or industrial landscapes. Street artists can broadcast a message or bring beauty to a barren vista. 

Pretty much everyone who's heard of street art knows of Banksy. The British street artist is as well known for his anonymity as his work. His work is simple yet impactful. Argentinian artist Hyuro's themes of motherhood and work from a woman's perspective stand out in a genre dominated by men. Large scale murals that adorn city buildings such as Gaia's in New York are breathtaking in colour and size.

Street Art In Your Own Home - Straight From The Artist!

The world of Street Art is exciting and fast moving with new artists emerging often. The Street Art collection in accessART's gallery ranges from familiar classics to arresting new creations.  You can own your own with our help! Legends such as Banksy, SpY and Blu stand beside emerging talents like Revolue.  Why not leave the over produced print market aside for now?  Enhance your living space, express your own creativity and allow your own originality to shine by choosing a unique piece from an incredible new talent!

Buying Street Art Paintings at accessART

In our Street Art gallery, each piece displayed includes the information you need.  Price,  size and shipping details are listed with each painting.  Once purchased the artist will ship your new piece of unique artwork directly to you, or you can choose to collect it. As well, check out the artist profile section where you can discover more about the lives of our artists and how they produce art. Enjoy looking around our Street Art gallery and don't forget, often artists will produce work on request.  If you can't see a piece by your favourite artist or a particular artwork isn't available feel free to message the artist via accessART to enquire about a commission!