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The Ultimate Celebrity Art Collection | Original & Affordable Art

Are you looking for cool Celebrity Art of the "Rich and Famous" of the world? Here you will find artworks of your favourite celebrities, movie stars, pop icons, rock idols and many more famous people.

Are you looking for cool celebrity art that shows images of the ""Rich and Famous"" of the world? Original artworks that will give your house that special kick and edginess? Then this is your place to be. On this page you will find artworks of your favourite celebrities, movie stars, pop icons, rock idols and many more famous people.

Why accessART loves celebrity art

Celebrity art in the ""Rich and famous"" category visualizes popular images from celebrities, well-known people and even advertisements. Andy Warhols's masterpieces are possibly the most famous examples of using these images for his artworks. He was fascinated by the world of Hollywood and the phenomenon of reality and fiction.

At accessART we simply love this art because it's fresh, young, hip and cool. The paintings are all really colourful, happy and fun to look at. And they work great in every environment. Hanging them on your wall will add a special, cutting-edge style to your house. This kind of art works best with a modern, cheerful interior. But it can also add that eye-catching touch to a more classic design. So wherever you plan to put a celebrity art painting, it will definitely make a statement!

Celebrity art- styles and materials

The artworks in this category are all made using various techniques and styles. You will find art works on canvas, paper or even clayboards. There are acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings and some even include elements of pop and street art. Our artists are once again pushing the boundaries on creativity and style. We hope you find this gallery as exciting as we do!

Find your idol

We all love the rich and famous for their looks, their attitudes, their performances or simply because they are just so unbelievably cool! And they are also a source of inspiration. So why not get rid of that bare wall in your house and decorate it with an image of someone that will inspire you every time you look at it? Haven't we all dreamt of spending an evening with Kurt Cobain or Marilyn Monroe? This no longer has to be a dream!

Bring your favorite celebrities straight into your living room today ;). The "Rich and Famous"" category lists artworks ranging from Marilyn Monroe with a huge, pink chewing gum to sexy Halle Berry seducing her viewer straight out of the painting. You will find original art showing Bob Dylan, Anouk, Muhammad Ali, Florence and the machine, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Ludwig van Beethoven, Guns 'n Roses, royal princes and even R2D2 - each of them with a unique twist by the accessART artists. There is something for every taste! And the list of rich and famous names goes on and on!

Buying art at accessART

All artworks displayed in this category include information on prize, size and shipping details. The artist will ship the artwork securely to your door, or you can choose to pick it up! Shipping costs always depend on the location of the artist and the buyer. You can also easily find out more about the background stories of our artists and their art in the artist's profile section.