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The Ultimate Landscape Art Collection | Original & Affordable Art

Bring the outside inside! Hang a beautiful Landscape painting on your walls and enjoy the unique ambiance a stunning landscape painting brings to your home.

The Ultimate Landscape Art Collection at accessART

Would you like to bring the outside inside? By hanging a Landscape Painting in your living space you can enjoy a rolling rural vista, majestic mountains or an urban skyline amongst many other landscape subjects.

Here at accessART in our Landscape Art Collection, you are sure to find beautiful pieces by accomplished artists. It’s never been easier, or more affordable! You can achieve the unique ambiance a stunning landscape brings to your home with our help.

History of Art – The Landscape

Did you know around the 17th century the term Landscape entered the English language purely to describe works of art? So maybe it's not so surprising and interesting that the word landscape actually originated from the Dutch landschap.  Pretty cool huh!  We can thank the Dutch Golden Age of painting for making Landscape Art so popular. During the 17th and 18th-century landscape artists started to paint the natural environment in it's own right. They developed realist techniques to cleverly depict light and weather.

Since then landscape paintings art has evolved and developed through the ages across Europe and America. The English pastoral scene became very famous and you've probably heard of Constable and Turner right? Claude Monet, the French Impressionist movement's favourite son still delights today. But let's consider the artists of today as well. No doubt their work and influences honour the origins of the landscape category but their originality shines through. Check out the stunning work of Joanne Zegers, an amazing talent in the Dutch tradition.

Landscape art paintings directly from the artist!

Find a landscape piece to fall in love with in the gallery here at accessART. We have some wonderful examples across all the different genres, no matter what type of landscape art you prefer!  Whilst the classics are beautiful and well known make sure you check out the new landscape artists of today.  Discovering emerging talent and owning their work is a total thrill that accessART can help you achieve.

Buying Landscape Art at accessART

Our artists securely ship your new artwork directly to your door, or if you're in the area you can collect it yourself!  All the information you need for shipping including size and cost is displayed in this category. In our artist's profile section you can learn more about each of our featured artists and their art too. Just in case you don't see exactly what you like don't forget that many artists will paint for you on request - how amazing is that!  Just send your favourite artist a message to discuss what you'd like.  Have a great time browsing our Landscape Paintings gallery - it's fantastic, even if we do say so ourselves ;-)!