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Antonio Lucarelli

The paintings of Antonio Lucarelli clearly show how the expression of freedom can be perfectly combined with refined discipline and high-level technique. The result is a strong and delightful style that embraces Lucarell’s inspiration and is manifested through his unique skill and precise execution.

While Lucarelli’s work embraces art history with solid respect and critical understanding, his pieces are distinctive of his own technique. The audience is exposed to a variety of ideas and trends, where the art itself does not represent the pain of today’s society, but rather surpasses the concept of art itself. It delivers a feeling of freedom: the painting’s gesture is a metaphor for liberation from political, aesthetic and moral values. As reflected in the artist’s work, there is no longer a difference between art and life.

Lucarelli’s art is extremely varied. His pieces range from clear shrouds forged from fire, where he experiments with plastic combustion technique, to the cracks in the wax or the multifarious portraits. He encompasses sacred and profane simultaneously, showcasing a highway of light and darkness, and capturing colors both monochrome and vivid. He explores feelings both calm and humble, creating an impactful impression. Lucarelli’s paintings stand out in a complex and dynamic world, such as the one in which we are currently living, where what was true yesterday may not be so today. The artist does not approach the historical narrative as a simple observer, but rather jumps into a tornado of ideas to bring us the essence of his explorations, the unspoken truth, the hidden secrets of our lives.

Born 1987, Pietrasanta, Italy
Lives and works in Rome

University of Art, Rome

_Group Show “Expo Prize ” Gallery Wikiarte Bologna
_ Group Show “Fantuzzi Prize” Farini Concept Gallery Bologna
_Group Show “Mentana Prize” Mentana Gallery Florence
_ Solo Show Villa Gori Massarosa Italy
_Group Show “Florence met Rome” Tornatora Gallery
_International Art Fair “Spectrum” Miami
_ Stay at Circus Gallery Pietrasanta, Italy
_ Solo Show Wikiarte Gallery Bologna

_ International Art Fair Innsbruck
_Group Show “Mentana Prize” Florence
_ Solo Show “Minotauro” Rome
_ Solo Show Soqquadro Art Gallery Rome
_ Solo Show “Il Casale” Pietrasanta
_ Solo Show Genesio Gallery Rome
_ Group Show “Libera Ispirazione” Naples
_ Tittoni Art Fair - Milan