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Dhéia Ferrari Visual Artist

Andreia M. Ferrari ( artistic name: Dhéia Ferrari) is a Brazilian artist graduated in Law and she holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Southampton in England .
Before becoming an Artist, Dhéia Ferrari served as a Lawyer and after as a Police Chief in São Paulo (Brazil), the city where she was born and still lives .
In 2004 Dhéia Ferrari began her career as an Artist. Since then, she has been joining several art exhibitions.
Her Art Work covers figurative and abstract paintings, drawings and contemporary photographs of limited edition.
Firstly influenced by the Cubism, her work was gradually developing into the Pop Art and then to abstraction.
The technique of her figurative Art Work is done in several steps. First the Artist makes a collage on paper and then it is photographed and digitally colored. Finally, it is printed on canvas.
Regarding her Abstract Art, Dhéia produces them using acrylic paint on canvas or through digital photography that depict the Brazilian nature.
Dhéia Ferrari has been exhibiting her Art Work in Brazil and Europe (Portugal and Spain).