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Inge Thøgersen

I am a danish artist living in Aarhus – 2nd biggest city in Denmark after Copenhagen. Aarhus has been elected European capital of culture 2017 and is flourishing within music, art and gastronomy.

Today I am part of a community of 9 artists who share an art workshop in a small idyllic town south of Aarhus.

My paintings can originate from feelings about nature, music or beautiful things I see or hear. Some of my paintings reflect moods I had or sceneries I met travelling in other countries. Mostly I am inspired by meetings with people around me.

Mostly I use acrylic, canvas and many layers of paint. I experiment with colours and expression. Most paintings are coloristic. I paint with brushes as well as different materials- and my fingers.

I aim that my paintings touch your phantasy and tell their own stories. If only they create positive energy and joy, then I am pleased, because I know that positive thoughts and feelings have an inherent power.