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Lia van Leeuwen

I am born in Waddinxveen, a little place n.ear Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
I like travelling
I started as an aupair in England en worked lateron in Londen, later in Zweden/Stockholm.
Back home I followed the study of social work in Rotterdam.
After this study I went to Greece.About half a year I dropped from one Island to the other.
I had a marvellous time.
I also went to Algiers, looking for the rockdrawings in the desert in the south of Algiers.
I ve been walking in the Himalaya in Nepal
and snorkling around the Galapagosislands and travelled trough Equador.
I followed some years the Art Academy in Rotterdam and have had expositions in the Netherlands and abroad
In New York, in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Paris.
I am married and have 3 children.
I live in Rotterdam and have my atelier at home.
I started with my art with graphic, I ve been etching quite a lot.
Lateron I started painting.
I have Always my own way of working.
It is like travelling and discovering the world but then inside.
My world inside is enthousiasm, feeling free, feeling good, I like space for doing what I want and I love colours
It gives me a good feeling painting and I hope to share that with others.
I hope that when people see my work they will feel that enthousiasm and get e good feeling by looking at it.