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Revolue lives for art.

Grew up among of inks, papers, pens and many scribbles on the wall on his House.

Fan of a minimalist lifestyle, the artist carries more than 10 years of experience in research and artistic development.

From urban art to contemporary studies, looking for not settling on one style, prefers to keep open to the experiment. Revolue always tries to reference the underground lifestyle and the concept of “luxury form the robbish” on his creative process, involving human behavior.

Revolue is considered a crazy lover for his city of origin, São Paulo, where he had paintings exhibited in several projects in the city, many of them being collaborative with other artists. Outside of Brazil, his works were exhibited in Miami (USA)-Seoul (KOR) and Amsterdam (NED)

“I like to observe the urban lifestyle. Sao Paulo chaos, its multiple possibilities and concerns of human beings inspire me. The city is the base of my life,” says Revolue.