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Tearrific Art

Up close, the end result of the collage is not visible most of the time, seemingly showing random pieces of paper. But once you take a step back and let your mind wander, the artwork comes to life. There is more than meets the eye! These powerful, sometimes seductive, women reflect a state of mind with the little pieces drawing your attention and dragging you in. I want to create emotional experiences where the artwork becomes more than just a frozen moment in time.

Usually I start with a photo and use a pencil to draft the silhouette onto the canvas. Then recreate the tones on canvas with bits and pieces of recycled magazines (pictures and texts). There is just one rule: never use photos of hair to make hair or images of eyes to create eyes, etc.

As long as I can remember creativity played an important role in my life. As a child I made a lot of drawings and later on I started to paint. 2011, after the unexpected loss of my mother, marks the beginning of a new creative period. Early 2014, very much inspired by an American artist, I started to create artwork collages.

My work has been on show in various exhibitions and I was rewarded One of Most Appreciated Artist by the public and jury at Art Eindhoven in early 2016. In November I will show my artwork at "De Nationale Kunstdagen" in Rotterdam and in April 2017 at Art Eindhoven again. Autumn this year I am planning an "Open Atelier". Several Artwork Collages are now present in various private collections in the Netherlands.

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