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Valerie Erichsen Thomson

I love the physicality of paint and the poetry of color.

My artistic heritage can be traced to Kandinsky, de Stael and Hoffman with some Chagall and Rothko and many colorists in the mix.

When the paint moves across the painting surface it's solely about dark and light, smoothness and texture, yellow and orange and magenta and blue and white...and something within me that is like a tuning fork listening and looking for the color to resonate with me. In many ways, painting is a moving meditation where, instead of sitting still and focusing on the breath, the focus is the movement of the pigment across its surface and the traces it leaves behind. Then the poetry emerges from the colors and textures. Something beautiful appears. The poem, the feeling, the story presented when the elements come together is one told by the colors, with me as their medium. If I were a singer, these would be my melodies, the notes pouring out of me, but who can say where they come from. It's really an amazing thing to be a part of. If you spend some time with my paintings maybe you will find the notes of your own poem resonating within you. That's precious.