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The Ultimate Pop Art Collection at accessART

The Ultimate Pop Art Collection at accessART

Are you looking for pop art paintings but don't know where to find them? Do you like pop art but you are afraid it's too expensive? Or are you a devoted pop art buyer and looking for new and refreshing artists? Then you just came to the right place! Welcome to accessART's Pop Art Paintings Collection. In this collection you can find great pop art paintings inspired by many international artists.

Some history on pop art

Would you like to know a little bit more about these artistic techniques before engaging in the great adventure of shopping for Pop Art paintings? Let's have a short recap! The Pop Art movement emerged in the mid 1950s in the United Kingdom and is influenced by the popular culture and the consumer society. It became really famous in New York in the 1960s. Pop artists started painting objects and people of everyday life. They also used famous brands in their artworks, like Andy Warhol with the famous Campbell's Soup Cans. The pop art philosophy was to create art "for everyone", so not only for the elite. The pop art movement wanted to get rid of the hierarchy in the art world and blur the boundaries between the high and low art culture. Many famous pop art artists had a background in more commercial artistic careers such as advertising. For example, Andy Warhole was a graphic designer and magazine illustrator before becoming the pop art legend he is today!

Pop art paintings directly from the artist!

At accessART, we love colorful artworks, so we definitely appreciate pop art! This is a selection of our most colorful, cool and bold Pop Art Paintings. In our Pop Art collection, be sure to find your gem. If you are a big fan of classic Campbell's Soup Cans or Marilyn Monroe's face, or if you just want to have a 60's touch in your house, you should find something here. So please, let's let Andy Warhol, Roy Lichstenstein, Richard Hamilton and co. rest in peace. Who wants to have a mass print on their wall, when it is possible to have a original, unique piece painted by an amazing artist!

Buying Pop Art at accessART

All pop art paintings displayed in this category include information on prize, size and shipping details. The artist will ship the artwork securely to your door, or you can choose to pick it up! Shipping costs always depend on the location of the artist and the buyer. You can also easily find out more about the background stories of our artists and their art in the artist's profile section. Have fun browsing around our Pop Art gallery! Many artists will also make pop art paintings on request, if your favourite person or style is not currently available! Feel free to send the artists a message.